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Dr. Boyce: Hijacking Your Child’s Father and Cutting His Parental Rights

Dr. Boyce Watkins uses the on-going battle between musical artist “The Dream” and his ex-wife, Christina Milian as a teaching and learning point about the state of our own relationships.  Dr. Watkins talks about the recent battles between the couple that took place in public, and how this is indicative of what millions of other couples do to themselves all across the country.  Dr. Watkins makes the point that when couples fight in this way and attempt to hijack one another’s parental rights, it’s always at the expense of the child.

Most dads who have children are non-custodial parents.  In too many of these situations, fathers find themselves fighting for any chance to be in the lives of their children, which Dr. Watkins says is quite disturbing.  Rather than cutting the father out of the life of the child, the father should be encouraged to interact with the child in a healthy and happy way.   Dr. Watkins says that even if you don’t approve of everything your child’s father does, you should never bad mouth him in front of the child and you should never feel the right to take away the father’s rights to be a parent.

Dr. Watkins encourages couples to seek counseling and read books to understand their own psychological challenges, so that they can create a healthy, happy environment for their children.  The video is below:

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8 Responses to Dr. Boyce: Hijacking Your Child’s Father and Cutting His Parental Rights

  1. Derrick Reply

    July 18, 2012 at 8:04 am

    A lot of negroid females do this to the child’s father. They keep them away from their fathers even when the father pays his child support!

    And then they wonder why their male children grow up getting into trouble, joining gangs, and dealing drugs because they are rebelling against their mother!

    A lot of mothers don’t realize this until it’s too late. Some of these negroid females are the very reason why these young brothers are on the streets instead of inside the schools.


  2. Cheyenne Reply

    July 18, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Derrick, when you use the term negroid your whole point is lost. Take a brek , get your thoughts together and then come back and post an intelligent comment that valid.

  3. mark Reply

    July 18, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    HURTING PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE !! right ?? WHEN A BABYS MOTHER WANTS TO HURT THE FATHER BECAUSE OF HER OWN CHILDISH AND PERSONAL HURTS THAT WAS CAUSED BY THE FATHER OR NOT !… YOU GET THIS RESPONSE”, WE HAVE BEEN IN THIS COUNTRY FOR FAR TO LONG TO KNOW EVEN DOWN IN OUR D.N.A. whats it feels like to lose your family and or children ! we the brothers who have tryed in every way humanly posible to adjust /aquiese to go along with THE PROGRAM AND EVERYTHING ELSE with THAT WANNABE A DIFFICULT woman !!! who really doesnt want to listen to any THING that is called reason !! then we ” the brothers are left with very few options ! right and it all ends up bad ! it doesnt matter whos being the jerk, what should matter is that, Do you REALLY want these (other people) to get their hands on your children ??? or to have them and their alien ways influence your children ?? this is what happens EVERYDAY when they take our kids, then we are truly lost i the system !! consider that fUc&^%$ option ! yes” !!!! it hurts the father “” !! why wouldnt it ! if hes a good brother who wants to be there for what he produced my question is do you women think that your the only creators on EARTH WHO HAVE FEELING’S ???? AND YOU ALL KNOWING the only thing on earth that loves him (unconditionaly)HIS CHILDREN his life ! is taken away from him by you ! or them !! you have already killed him ! on a for sure certain level !!!!how is he supposed to do? and how is he supposed to act? if you have enough intelligence to know where we live” and the history of this country taking our children/ mothers/ fathers/ and wives/ from us ! and they have doen all sorts of filthy things to us ! have you looked atthe news in the past twenty years about priest pastors clergy sports head coachs they havent even scratched the surface !!!! why on earth would we as black folk would want to use the children just to get back at the one who hurt them ? thats childish selfish and deadly ! remember that they can take your children if they wanted too (fool) and you both wont have (nothing)!!! and it will be way to late by then and yeah more than likely they be with the COUSINS OF JERRY SANDUSKY AND SHIT… we need to grow up because we aint got nobody but us !! NOBODY BUT US !!! NOBODY BUT US !! NO BODY BUT US !

  4. DIABLO Reply

    July 19, 2012 at 10:37 am

    stop having babies with these american worthless bitches thats why i stick to latin women or european women they are more understanding

  5. Furshah Reply

    July 19, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Thanks to FB, my son and I connected 3 years ago and have been tight as grits ever since. I had to deprogram all the lies that his mother had installed in him about me.Now I am the dominant influence in his life.Brothers, never give up.

  6. Kim Bey Reply

    July 19, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    First of all these responses are negative and I can imagine first hand the kind of individuals that are responding… its is apparent that none of you have fathers or had fathers because your filthy mouths would not be speaking about any Asiatic woman or woman as you are speaking and it is apparent that you hate your mother’s because if you feel a need to use the language of negroid, useless etc then these are things that you are calling the woman that gave birth to your useless tails and maybe she should have aborted you because you have no respect for any woman who has bared a life or children, second not all woman are designed that way I would know first hand I am a mother and I got rid of the same filth that you speak about, most men dont want to take care of their children once the relationship ends because they want to have control and access and once a woman says no its a problem, brothers are walking away from their children because they are irresponsible and negligent and they would rather blame the woman for why they are not doing right…why does a woman have to ask for child support when the relationship ends it should be voluntarily done with out the courts intervening. please get your minds right because it is not always the woman who cause these things to happen and yes watch who you give your seeds to because not all woman are good… I have my own and I raise my daughter alone less stress and I am doing well with out the headache of a deadbeat father who choices not to do right… please stop blaming the woman because some of you men are just as rotten as the woman are.

  7. Nikki Reply

    July 19, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    To all off the men that have had difficult and painfull experiences with te mother or mothers of their children when they are trying to do what is right. I wish you all well and I hope that you continue to do what is right on behalf of you children despite the fact that the situtation has not been handled appripriately, keep your head up!

  8. Quita Reply

    July 22, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I was raised to never bad mouth my child’s father in his presen or talk negatively about him and it get back to my son. I was taught to encourage his father to be active in his life, love him, hug him and to tell him it’s alright to have faults and to improve on them instead of acting like you are 100% perfect.
    I did not create a life by myself and I am not the sole parent to my child. Therefore it was team work as long as he (my/husband/partner/friend) was alive. It was not perfect but it work.
    My child was reared to love both of his parents and that we both love him.
    Also the person who stated he only dates other women of color and not his own. Grow up you can locate a bitch in any race. We black women are just more honest and straight forward with the truth and we see your bs for what it is and we react to it as bs. Not all Black women are pefect and nor were they all raised to be honest and have morals. Oh, no that’s in all races.

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