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J.C. Penny Rubs Some the Wrong Way with Gay Fathers in a Commercial

Some Christian conservatives are taking issue with J.C.Penny’s latest Father’s Day ad which features a gay couple and their two children. The two men in the ad are supposed to represent Father’s who are to be celebrated on Father’s day but many are focusing on their status of being Gay more than on their status of being Fathers.

J.C. Penny has a history of rubbing conservatives the wrong way. They have used well known lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, as a spokesperson and even featured two lesbian women as the Mothers in their Mother’s Day ad, in May.

According to CNN, J. C. Penny is not the only company that is standing up for the LGBT community. American Apparel is using transgender models while Marriott Hotels has celebrated “Gay Pride” and the Gap has also used ads that feature two Gay men.

It looks like if the Christian conservatives are going to protest every ad that they deem “offensive”, they have a lot of work to do. Maybe it would be better to just live and let live.

Happy Father’s day.

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4 Responses to J.C. Penny Rubs Some the Wrong Way with Gay Fathers in a Commercial

  1. D. WATKINS Reply

    June 17, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Children of Gay and Lesbian parents should see themselves and their parents represented in advertisements.To exclude all references to Gay families does more harm than good insofar as the children are concerned. I speak as a parent of three children and the grandmother of four grands! No child should be made to feel different or excluded from the rights afforded children of heterosexual parents. Everybody should see themselves mirrored in all aspects of our society.

  2. Musa Reply

    June 17, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    I fail to understand why differing with ‘popular’ prevailing attitudes should open someone up for ridicule by those they disagree with. I have religious beliefs (which I fully concur with, by the way) that dictate that same-sex couples are wrong and an aberration of what God intended. I also happen to believe that fornication and adultery are equally sinful. Why is it in this day in age I am the one considered backwards and out of touch? One of the biggest problems is that people today want to interpret their religion ANY way they wish. Lying, cheating, stealing, fornication (sex outside of marriage, in case ya’ll didn’t know) and yes, homosexuality are SINS. Always have been and always will be. Now that doesn’t mean that I am calling for the death of all sinners, Lord knows none of us would be left. What you do in your own home is between you and God, but don’t assault my family and me with it at every opportunity. BTW are those two kids biracial? Is there some message in two white fathers having biracial children?

  3. onmyway2012 Reply

    July 20, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    This ad was disgusting. Same sex couples do not have kids they adopt or need a surrogate. Proves that this lifestyle is an abomination. There us noting remotely normal about this sexually perverse lifestyle.

  4. yolanda morua Reply

    July 30, 2012 at 12:35 am

    Another one bytes the dust, not talking about, gays, there are more important things to worry about than gays, favortizum on the job, yes, pepper , Pam, at store, 2040 Austin Tx, and because they continue to show favortizum, another one guits, when is it going to stop, talk about proffesionalisum, what is the meaning, may I ask, ? Things are cool, when pepper wasn’t there, she’s back, and its total kaias, …. Ron Johnson, maybe, you need to intervine, I like Houston, very nice guy, down to earth, still haven’t got my see thru roll about, but, oh well, employees are not important enough , they know better not to sue, for back injuries, retaliation, they, know would be , the next step.

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